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Abilene was the first of the great cattle towns of Kansas.  In 1867, Joseph McCoy built his stockyards in this "small dead place consisting of about a dozen rudy built cabins, only one with a wooden shingle roof..."  Within five years Abilene became known as the "wildest and woolliest town in the west". Located on the streets were dance halls, gaming houses and 11 saloons.   Abilene is where Tom Smith and Wild Bill Hickok became legends.

Dickinson County Heritage Center – historic displays, antique carousel, blacksmith shop, cowboy history, family research center and Museum of Independent Telephony (140 years of telephone history)

Abilene & Smoky Valley Railroad - six mile train ride through Smoky Hills Valley


Brookville Hotel - this recreation of the once-famed Brookville Hotel now located in Abilene, serves family-style chicken dinners


Old Abilene Town- 1860s replica of the Abilene Cattle Town being redeveloped into a unique family experience

American Indian Art Center- Kansas’ only totally American Indian produced fine-art gallery.  Gift shop, books and jewelry

Seelye Mansion- one of the finest homes in Kansas

Mr. K’s Farmhouse- family dining in a farmhouse overlooking the Chisholm Trail

For more information on Abilene - visit their official site  -

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