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The name would suggest something that never existed. There never was a Spanish fort at the site that bears the name. It was all a misunderstanding. Three hundred years ago, a major Indian village was located in the area. From artifacts and remains found by early Anglo-American settlers, an incorrect assumption was made that the Spaniards had occupied the area. Hence the name Spanish Fort. In reality, it was a fortified Indian village. The usefulness of Spanish Fort was as the last stopping point for cattlemen and drovers on their way up the Chisholm Trail before crossing the Red River into Indian Territory on their way to Kansas cattle markets. In its heyday, Spanish Fort boasted four hotels and numerous other businesses and saloons. The town's decline began around the turn of the century even though a new brick schoolhouse was erected in 1924. Today, the schoolhouse remains although abandoned along with a few other vacant buildings. 

• where boot maker Joe Justin began his trade

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