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In 1873 a new cattle trail broke off from the Chisholm Trail at Pond Creek, Indian Territory, turned west, bore to the northwest and on to the new Kansas Pacific Railway Stock Ellsworth, Kansas. A new chapter in the saga of the great Texas cattle drives had emerged. That new saga will be commemorated as one of the historic dates in the epic cattle driving History of the 19th Century. The Ellsworth Cattle Trail or also known as Cox’s Trail, the Cut-off from the Chisholm Cattle Trail. May 1, 1873, Willian M. Cox, General Livestock Agent of the KP, with a crew of three completed the survey of the trail. The International Chisholm Trail Association (ICTA) along with the National Drovers Hall of Fame Association (NDHFA) are partnering to identify, develop, promote, celebrate, for education and heritage tourism through marketing and exposing our cattle trail towns up the entire length of the Chisholm and Ellsworth Trail.

Join us to commemorate this new cattle trail in Ellsworth with a weekend of activities: October 20,2023 The 2023 Chisholm Trail hosted by ICTA October 21 – 22 The Ellsworth Cattle Trail Sesquicentennial hosted by NDHFA Refer to our websites for more information and Do not miss this historic weekend Commemoration of the Chisholm Ellsworth CattleTrail.

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